Jeans are a staple in men's fashion. They offer the perfect balance of durability and versatility. Jeans can be worn on a porsche, or on a horse. It can be difficult to choose the right pair when there are so many styles, fits and washes. This guide will help you find the right fit mens jeans for you.

This is our easy way to find the best mens jeans!

Dark wash
Jeans with a darker wash tend to be more formal. These jeans are safe and will look great on every man and body type. They will fade beautifully and leave a mark on your wallet. Be careful not to wash them too often, and learn about proper denim care.

Stylist tip: Dress up dark mens jeans with a tucked-in mens shirt for your next date, or work dinner.

Black jeans

Light-Medium Wash
Medium and light wash jeans look great and can be worn casually. These jeans are perfect for trips to the beach, running around errands or just lounging around at home.

Stylist tip: Pair light and medium-wash mens jeans with plain sweaters, tennis shoes and casual mens t shirts.

You can add a new dimension to your mens jeans game with a colored pair of jeans. They are great for adding some flair to your look and can change up the color of your existing patterns so that you don't end up looking too blue.

Stylist Tip - A pair of grey jeans can be worn with almost anything. However, a pair maroon jeans will stand out from the rest.

Black jeans will give you the edge. Black jeans can be worn in casual settings or to give your outfit an edge.

Stylist tip: Wear black jeans with a blue jacket to create a fringe look without sacrificing the monochromatic appeal of a Canadian tuxedo.

mens jeans

Raw Or Selvedge
Only the most dedicated denim wearers will be able to choose between raw and selvedge jeans. These two techniques are often combined: raw denim is the unwashed fabric that jeans are made from, and selvedge is the edge near the seam that's finished. This makes it perfect for cuffing. They are not easy to wear, but they will give you a pair that is uniquely yours.

Stylist tip: For a ruggedly sophisticated look, wear raw or selvedge pants with workboots and flannel.

For those who want a more fashionable style, distressed jeans are a great option. You don't want jeans that look like they have been thrown in the trash, but a few rips can make them more stylish.

Stylist tip: Wear distressed jeans with simple pieces like a white shirt or henley.

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