1. October 31, 2020

    How To Design A Men's Graphic T-shirt

    Graphic T-shirts are the characteristic clothing of every men's wardrobe and a key role in most of our casual clothing. But how to make the most of your graphic T-shirt? From fashion statements to subtle abstract styles, this is our comprehensive guide to tee styles designed for men.


    Therefore, it is important to choose the correct pattern. We need to carefully consider the color, size and actual graphics. Bright colors should be considered. You are already using graphics for presentation (which is important), so you don't need fancy reds and loud yellows. In most cases, try to stick to black and white, and if you want to add color, try dark blue and green. The monochrome graphic T-shirt is our personal favorite, and the eye-catching logo in black and white will definitely make a good statement.

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  2. October 16, 2020

    New Bosch Colt GKF125CE Router is Coming Soon

    If you buy something through our links, ToolGuyd might earn an affiliate commission. Bosch GKF125CE Colt Router

    The new Bosch GKF125CE Colt palm router has earned the title of “longest tool tease,” at least as far as handheld woodworking tools go.

    We first wrote about it 2 YEARS ago, after a reader caught sight of a product listing. A new listing popped up a few months ago, but it was only today that Bosch officially announced it.

    So what happened? I’m guessing that it was an in-development product that Lowes’ datafeed somehow picked up on early, or something like that. It was surely delayed, and since it was only officially announced today, we probably won’t ever find out why.

    Since it’s been 2 years, and more information has been made available, it’s worth taking a new look at the router. You might think that corded palm routers aren’t very exciting, but I’ve been particularly eager to see this one launch.

    It features a 1.25 hp (MAX) 7.0

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  3. October 16, 2020

    Skilsaw “Buzzkill” Reciprocating Saw Tools

    Skilsaw sent me a rather cryptic email in mid-August, directing me to a teaser video and newsletter sign-up page for a new tool they were coming out with.

    10 days later, they announced the new tool, their new Skilsaw Buzzkill reciprocating saw, which they claim provides “up to 35%” more vibration suppression over competing models.

    A corded recip saw that promises lower vibration? Sounds good to me, although I haven’t been won over just yet.

    The new Skilsaw Buzzkill, SPT44A-00, is Skilsaw’s debut into the linear cutting market, although it should be noted that there are plenty of Skil-branded entry-level and consumer models available.

    If your recall, Skil and Skilsaw were acquired by Chervon, from Bosch. Before that, Skilsaw sought to relaunch their brand identity separate from Skil, presumably to hone their “for pros” image, separate from Skil’s more entry-level and consumer-focused reputation.


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  4. October 16, 2020

    New Dewalt Cordless Electrical Cable Stapler, DCN701

    Dewalt recently announced a new cordless electrical cable stapler, model DCN701, which they say is 2X as fast as manual hammer stapling (using a DCB203 2.0Ah battery stapling 12-2 Romex in 2×4 wood).

    The new Dewalt cordless cable stapler is designed for fastening NM-B (Romex) type wires and cables, and can also be used for low voltage applications. There’s a proprietary guide that helps users drive staples safely and accurately over cables. Translation: there’s a staple guide that helps prevent users from stapling through cables.

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  5. October 16, 2020

    How To: Effectively Use Your Weekend So You Don’t Balls Up The Week’s Good Work

    I’m not super great at ‘moderation’. I watched the first 15 episodes of Younger in 1.5 days. I cannot open a block of chocolate and leave a square left. I’m not proud of it; but it’s who I am now.

    In the same vein, once I’ve had a big night then basically the whole weekend is a write off. I’ll eat hash browns for breakfast, KFC for lunch and order $50 worth of Menulog for dinner. It’s a routine now.

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  6. October 16, 2020

    Exclusive: BNKR x KEVIN.MURPHY

    BNKR joins globally respected hair master KEVIN.MURPHY to present an exclusive editorial, fusing leading technology in hair with on-trend styling and pieces from the January collections available on BNKR.

    Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE Making Waves Bustier + Making Waves Skirt.
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  7. October 16, 2020

    New: C/MEO COLLECTIVE ‘Composure’

    Nothing quite says cool AF like khaki. Just the right mix of army fatigues meets model off duty, khaki carries with it an air of the ‘it girl'; perfectly executed

    Despite what street style shots might tell you, the shade doesn’t have to equal heavy bomber jackets only. Lighten things up with olive intimates or delicate maxi dresses or try jumpsuits and cigarette pants to see your wardrobe the in-between seasons.

    Stay cool – C/MEO COLLECTIVE‘s new collection has just arrived.

    ‘Composure’ fuses style and innovation. Ribbed knits, button detailing and wrap ties combine with metallic textures, ruffles and a simple yet impactful palette; an assured range of styles for whatever

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  8. October 16, 2020

    In The Olympics Of Life…

    Obviously we can’t all be professional sports people. But most of us – at one point in our lives – will find that we excel at something. What could you compete in? What are you freakishly good at?

    Personally, I feel like I’m good at a lot of things. Now I know it sounds like I’m blowing my own horn – but just hold on. I’m ‘good’ at a lot of things but If I had to pick one thing that I’m the ‘best’ at – only one of my skills to bring home the gold – I honestly have no idea what it would be. Luckily enough, in the creative industry being good at a lot of things works in my favour.

    Coming to work every day kind of is like being in the Style Olympics. Who’s outfit will slay the rest? Who will take home best dressed? Everyone’s in it to win it.

    You can be too. Cross the finish line first with our top picks for everyday, medal winning style.

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  9. October 16, 2020

    Cooper Knows Best: Meet BNKR Stylist Cooper

    The time has come to meet the second member of our BNKR online stylist team. Unexpected cool kid and CBKD head designer Cooper lends his styling talents and extensive, fashion knowledge to the BNKR team 9 till’ 5.

    We get to know Cooper on the weekends…

    I’m secretly obsessed with…

    Small people walking giant dogs. Who’s walking who?

    I’m listening to…

    ‘Jump Hi’ by Lion Babe & Childish Gambino

    S T Y L E   T I P # 1

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  10. October 16, 2020

    How To: Deal With Life As An Awkward Panda

    Literally every day is a struggle for me. I’m not depressed, I don’t have an abusive home life, I haven’t suffered any unimaginable trauma. None of these things apply to me. Life is just that little bit more difficult for me because, well, I’m a bit special.

    In the time it takes me to get from home to work in the morning, I will have already suffered through a series of clumsy, forgetful, ridiculous events which will continue throughout my day, everyday. In all other respects I’m a normal functioning member of society, it just tends to take me a little longer to get from A to B.

    To combat this I have to keep my wardrobe easy. Not basic, just simple enough that I don’t have to spend time fussing around. This allows me to be my awkward self and still make it to the church on time, looking like I haven’t spilled my coffee, got my skirt caught in my car door and emptied the entire contents of my bag onto the floor on

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