Most men have a large selection of t-shirts in their wardrobe. Tees can be worn for every occasion, whether you're lounging at home with your friends or out with your closest friends.

This versatile clothing is great for running, exercising, shopping, and even going out on dates. A lot of guys have a few worn-out, unflattering tees that they sleep in, as well as a collection of sports memorabilia with logos from his favorite teams.

You can look trendy and stylish by choosing the right fit. The wrong fit can make your look untidy and stocky. Let's take a look at some of the things you should consider when choosing the right t-shirt for mens.

t-shirt for mens

Sizes are not limited to small, medium, or large.

Each brand or manufacturer offers three sizes: small, medium, large. Some styles may also be available in larger sizes. Regardless of the size, men's clothes should fit five basic body shapes.

A rectangular-shaped man has shoulders and waists that are approximately the same width. Chances are you're tall and have a long frame. You want the perfect t-shirt for mens that skims your body without making you appear smaller. The tee shouldn't be too loose so that it hangs.

These men have shoulders that are slightly wider than the waist, which is the norm for men's clothing. Tees with a tapering fit will be preferred. You can choose a polo neck, or a round neck if you are tall.

If you are short, a Vee neck will be a good choice. It draws the eye lower, giving the illusion of height. V-necks shouldn't be too high and should not extend beyond the neck.


Men who exercise regularly tend to have a triangular shape where their shoulders are wider than their waist. This is the right fit for you. You'll need tees to match your inverted triangle shape. V-necks are a great choice because they break up the shoulders and give you a balanced look.

A lot of men have a wider waist than their shoulders. Your ideal t-shirt size is a loose fitting that falls to the hips and doesn't tighten around the stomach. This is how you can take attention away from your waist.

You now have the basic information you need to buy the right t-shirt for mens. Now, you can experiment with different colors.

You can experiment with pastels or the all-white. You can choose a solid black, which is timeless, or a classic blue that pairs well with denims. The universal t-shirt for mens is a great option, provided you are comfortable in your fit.