For many men, trying on pants can be difficult. But ill-fitting men's pants can make it worse. They will not only look terrible, but they will also make you feel bad. If you pay attention to the details while trying them on, you will ensure a perfect fit every time.

No one needs exact measurements. Here are some quick tips to make sure your men's designer pants fit.

men's designer pants

They should not be too tight but close enough to your body. Your pants shouldn't pull at your knees when you bend your knees. You should be able to pinch about 1 inch on each side of your thigh, but not more than 2 inches. You should size down if you are able to pinch more.

Think about how your men's pants feel on your lower legs, butt, and thighs. Do they feel tight at the top but loose at the bottom. This is a sign of trouble. A consistent fit is important. If you have large thighs, or if your legs are slimmer than average, you might want a tapered fit.

The waistline of mens jeans, which should be around your hips mid-to upper, is lower than dress pants. Jeans should not be below this, regardless of fashion trends. Don't trust numbers when it comes down to your waist size. One 34 might have been completely different from the one you received last year. Brands can be inconsistent due to new styles and designs. It's important to always try on men's designer pants, especially with vanity sizing.

men's pants

"Break" refers to how much your pants cuffs bend when they touch your shoe. While dress pants are not designed to break and should end just above the shoe's heel, jeans should have enough length to allow for a break of at least half an inch.

A professional stylist can help you find the right men's designer pants for you.