Men's Down jackets are great outdoor clothing. They are ideal for cold and dry days, but are generally not suitable for wearing on heavy rain.

Down is a flower-like fluff that grows on the abdomen of geese and ducks, and the flakes are called feathers. Down is an excellent insulator, because down (feathers mixed together) will create many tiny air pockets, thereby capturing warm air and retaining heat, so that the wearer can keep the baking warm.

How to wear down jacket?

For many of you, this may seem like a stupid question, but the reason for this article is because we have seen the use of down jackets in the past few weeks outrageous, so we think we will help answer this question-you How to wear down jacket?

Here are some important down jacket rules to follow:

1) Do not wear in the rain-Many down jackets will have a waterproof outer layer, but most are not rainproof. You might think that the interlayer keeps you dry, but in reality, all that happens is the penetration of moisture into the down filling. The moisture inside the down means that the interlayer has lost its insulating ability. In addition, down jackets can take a long time to dry when they are wet!

2) Don't store compressed down jackets-Down jackets are usually very light and very suitable for travel because they can compress well and reduce the volume. The down has high resilience after being compressed, so once the package is opened, it will quickly recover its shape. In other words, compressing and storing it in packaging means that down jackets may gradually lose their insulating ability over time.

3) Do not use in abrasive environments-this may be a weird statement, but we mean that the outer layer of a typical down jacket is not durable. The outer shell of the fabric usually has anti-tear technology, but if you brush over jagged walls or build too quickly, the fabric may tear and you may lose some down filling.

Many people think that down jackets are more practical than fashion, they are right, but whether you are going for a walk or shopping, the beautiful dark gray or black new down jackets can be matched with any outfit for a day in a cold outdoor fun.

Men's down jacket/HELLEN WOODY down jacket Do you have any other tips on how to wear a down jacket? If you have such a problem, please let us know in the comments below!