From hipsters to lumberjacks, plaid shirts are popular with everyone, we all have one or five plaid shirts. From casual to slightly casual, plaid shirts can be easily controlled in any style and occasion.

A plaid shirt is basically a must-have in every man's wardrobe. Unlike printed shirts and denim shorts, your plaid shirt will never go out of style, so buying a plaid shirt now is the most worthwhile investment. Here, we will explain how to achieve all the looks of this fashion must-have.


Everyone needs a plaid shirt that is easy to wear at home, and a formal shirt that can go out for work. One of the factors to consider is the weather. You don’t want to wear a plaid shirt in mid-January. If the weather is cold, please wear flannel long-sleeved shirt. 100% cotton will provide you with warm and comfortable weather. The summer is hot. You can choose a thinner and brighter plaid shirt to reflect the sunny weather. For example, any short-sleeved plaid shirt is a good example.

In the case of not too cold, plaid shirts are also suitable for layering. Add an open button plaid shirt to your base shirt to increase warmth. Remember, a plaid shirt can be worn alone or outside-as long as you add a piece of clothing underneath.

Fashion Casual

When you want to participate in more formal activities, you can wear a plaid shirt. This is to ensure that you don't let the patterns and colors conflict to make yourself look different. The length of the sleeves should be longer to match the suit jacket you want to wear. In addition, if you have to wear a tie wherever you go, the thinner the tie is, the better, because a thicker tie looks unsuitable for a plaid shirt.

It is also important to remember that suits and ties should be in neutral colors (such as black), otherwise your clothes will look too "outstanding".

When trying to wear a plaid shirt, casual wear is a difficult style to master. Try using neutral colors, high-quality fabrics and long sleeves. In addition, if your shirt combines many colors, then the rest of your clothes should be subtle to match. Jeans and canvas shoes are the most common choices and can be matched with any clothing.

Final thoughts

A plaid shirt is a common garment that can be easily matched to create the best look for more formal events. If you are wearing the right size and color for you, then you can add these shirts to your wardrobe.