21SS Man's Slim Causal Polo: How to wear slim Polo shirt

Today's theme is related to leisure sports. In casual sports occasions, which of the following items has the highest rate of appearance, and at the same time it has a lot of connotation?

1. POLO shirt

2. Shirt

3. T-shirt

The answer is definitely POLO shirt.

                                                         Polo shirts were originally called tennis shirts. It was originally a collared sweatshirt launched 


Since the Victorian era in the 19th century, restraint, frugality and conservative aesthetics have prevailed throughout American society.

Tennis nobles, even men, must wear white flannel trousers and white long-sleeved sweaters/shirts ,

Wearing a tie and moving around on the court, looks solemn and full, but it is very comfortable for large movements that are not suitable for the body.


Polo shirt: There are 2 big taboos!!


1 Not too tight
2 The logo on the Polo shirt cannot be too big


                                                           Match black trousers with casual formal styles without losing the style of some athletic youth

Polo shirts have a long history. As one of the few classic clothing styles that can be kept to this day, it must be a factor that people have always liked.

Polo shirts have evolved from a special sportswear based on its classic styles. Become one of the clothing styles we wear most often today.

I personally think that Polo shirts are very stylish casual wear. The texture is generally 100% cotton, and the fabrics have knitted patterns such as nets and plain weaves.

Basically, it is a mixture of shirt and T-Shirt, so Polo shirts can be switched in style at will. According to different occasions and styles, match your Polo shirt to wear.




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Wearing slim-fit Polo shirts in the hot summer, casual and versatile,

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